Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for the Queen

I apologize in advance for the short post but you see, we're preparing for the Queen. At least, we should be. My nerves are slowly increasing - our social worker is visiting our home next Thursday for our final visit before we finish our paperwork. Did you catch that? Visiting our HOME. As in, walking through our house, checking out our digs, looking at our safety standards, ... you catch my drift. In all actuality, I realize it won't be as bad as I'm making it out to be in my mind, but you see, I'm a tad nervous. Some part of me feels like I need to defend myself. I realize, of course, that she isn't going to come in with gloves and run her finger over the top of my frames to make sure I dust. She's not going to sigh deeply over the fact that I have toys stacked up by the couch (at least, I hope she doesn't). But my hyper overactive side of my brain starts to worry over every little detail. Someone out there, please tell me I'm not insane!

So of course, with all this worrying, you assume I have spent my Saturday in an effective manner. I've cleaned, reorganized closets, double checked every smoke alarm and conducted a final run-through to make sure everything is up to code. Oh wait, no...... I haven't done any of those items. I need to, or at least I need to make an attempt to, but I hope our social worker looks at my house through a different set of eyes, because I spent my day a bit differently:

Instead of looking at this image and checking out the mess, I look at this and say, "We had a great time coloring this afternoon before the girls took their naps."

And after nap, we had a great time wearing princess dresses and putting on a performance for all of Meredith's pretend friends.

We had a good time seeing family this evening, going to church and staying out way too late for dinner. And now? I'm blogging, relaxing after a good day. So perhaps tomorrow I can get my house ready. Or maybe I'll have another day of playing with the girls and enjoying memories I can't get back. Something tells me my social worker will understand.

Happy Saturday y'all. Enjoy your weekend, and don't get too swept up in the mundane details.


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